Neck and Back Pain... what you need to know

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Stay tune for Dr. Anne's presentation summary: "Neck and Back Pain - what you need to know"...coming soon






They seem to be getting stronger... those viruses and bacteria.

Here are two quick things to know about fighting off those pesky viruses and bacteria.

1. Your nervous system cannot go into repair mode efficiently if it's stressed. The more stressed you are, the lower your immune system, the less defensive abilities your body will have.  Your nervous system repairs and rejuvenates when it feels safe. 

2. Your body has natural defence mechanisms that start from code yellow to orange to red. Skin and mucus membranes are our first defence. Virus in your mucus membrane (nose for example) will alert your system to start putting up the defences. If the mucus, hair or skin is unable to keep the virus out, then code orange is initiated. That's when you start feeling some mild symptoms. This is the time to listen and take action. DO NOT wait until you're fully sick. In code orange, the body is still in offensive mode. Take advantage of this time. Code red happens when the body is fully under attack and is now in defensive mode. In this mode, it will do whatever it deems necessary to "keep you alive" - and does not take any consideration for your comfort. Coughing, mucus, vomiting, fever... they are all defensive mechanisms. They may not be comfortable, but they are deemed essential for survival. If you suppress any of these mechanism, it confuses the immune system... and may make your body more vulnerable in the long run. Work with them as much as possible. 

What to do...

1. Drink lots of fluids to keep your skin and mucus membranes moist and healthy. 

2. Decrease your stress, so that your body can repair properly.

3. Get lots of rest. Sleep time is when the body is most efficient at repair, rejuvenation and fighting things off.

4. Everyday, do something that makes you happy and relaxed. Sit in a 'safe' place so the body can rejuvenate. 

4. Good old vitamin C! 

5. Muccococineum... what the heck is that?? It's a homeopathic version of the flu shot. You take it as a preventative measure. We carry them at the office and they work great!

Take care of yourself and live long and prosper ;)


Summer Tune-up - Acupuncture treatment to transition into the seasons smoothly and optimally.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture 

Daylight is increasing and there is hope of warmer weather ahead!

We are entering the element of Earth which relates to the spleen and stomach energy. Summer is a good time for renewing, recharging, rest and relaxing and having fun! Go out in nature and reconnect with the elements. Ground yourself by walking barefoot and take time to just be.

Come in for a summer tune-up to help you optimize your health !  Book an appointment with our TCM acupuncturist Christine Ouellette, R.Ac. and discover which elements your constitution naturally gravitates into and how this knowledge can help you stay healthier and happier!


How often do I get adjusted? 

Patients often ask me: “who takes care of me and how often do I go see my chiropractor”?

I do see an alternative chiropractor. My chiropractor does not use the same technique as I do, however, it is close enough that my body is able to work with it well. 

I also get massage, acupuncture and reflexology from my colleagues in the office. 

However, the question I would like to address in this blog is “how often do I get adjusted?”.

Like many chiropractic patients, I’m presently on a maintenance program. 

This means my body is healthy and working well, and I get tune-ups to make sure it is working optimally. 

However, I have a physical job, I deal with a lot of people throughout the day, and presently, I’m not exercising as much as I normally do during the summer ;). So, depending on my level of self-care (stretching, meditation) I find I feel my best if I get adjusted every two weeks. 

Physiologically, tensile tissues (cartilage, ligaments, fascia) start to thicken and tighten within one week of a joint not moving properly.  Therefore, it is crucial to keep all of our joints moving properly all the time. Also important is to take joints through their full range of motion. We may use our arms throughout the day, however, we may not have them over our heads very often, or behind our backs.

Our booklet “exercises for life” has exercises to keep your neck and shoulders healthy through their whole range of motion. You can ask our receptionist Kelsey for an email copy. 

Exercises like “cat/cow” and “child pose” allow your spine to go through its full range of motion and keep your spine healthy. 

If a joint is not moving properly, tissues surrounding the joint get tight and immobilize the joint even further. Also, the body starts to compensate for that one link that is not working, therefore, the joints above and below have to move more and can become strained and injured. 

So, this is why I get adjusted every two weeks and do daily exercises and stretches to keep my body healthy and limber. 


Dr. Anne